Genshin Impact Calculator

Genshin Impact Damage Calculator

We are now on Version 2.5!  

You can now save and share your build!

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  The optimizer will help you find the best items, artifact sets, and substat options for your characters.
Min-max your builds for more burst damage, dps, healing, shields, and more! Make all your characters viable regardless of what the tier-list and guides have to say about it.
  The calculator is very accurate as long as you use it correctly (outside of rounding error). If something doesn't look right, please make sure you're checking all the appropriate settings first (and looking at the appropriate damage column). If something's still off it could be a bug.

Big thanks to Johnny, /u/xSlaynx, Alonso De Leon, Monolith, Rick Feng, William Ritter, Ahmed Alhanaei, Phillip Schmidt, Lucas Techtmeyer, and Levi for donating!

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