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New Characters Released: Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kujou Sara; New Items: Engulfing Lightning, The Catch, Luxurious Sea-Lord

v3.4 New Characters

NOTE: DPS values for new characters currently incorrect because I do not have their Attack Speed values yet. Added Characters: Raiden Shogun Sangonomiya Kokomi Kujou Sara

v3.3 New Characters

Weapon Optimizer Bug fixed. Yoimiya and Sayu released.

v3.2 EM Update

New Weapons Added! Ayaka Infusion Fixed.

v3.1 Premium for donors is out!

Subscribed donors can now recieve ad free use of calculator and more save slots.
Premium for donors

New Language Available in UI Settings: Русский язык
Translated by: lex

v3.0 Artifact storage is out!

You can now save your artifacts and optimize your build with the artifacts in your storage!
Find it in the Artifacts Tab. Note that you may need to disable your popup/adblocker (opens as popup).

Click the Artifact Icons,
to Load Saved Artifacts

You can Ctrl+V or drag and drop screenshots of your artifacts to scan them into the Artifact Storage (fullscreen screenshots are recommended over snippets to allow the scanner to adjust the resolution of your screenshot).

Old News

New Language Available in UI Settings: zh-CN(简体中文)
Translated by: Whyere

Added Show Value of Substats -- Shows the marginal benefit of each substat (i.e. the % increase to DPS that a min or max roll of ATK% will add to your build).

Changing the Optimizer's target will change the focus to another stat (i.e. targeting "Explosion DMG" for Amber will change the focus to Amber's Elemental Skill)


Save slots for Builds are currently limited to 5. Save slots for Artifacts are limited to 20.
After release, the save slots may be increased depending on how far the usage is from database's quota.

Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome! Check out the gitHub or Discord!
Party Buffs
Optimizer will focus on the stat targeted here. The focused stat will be outlined in the Damage column. The prediction values in the artifact display are based on the optimizer target set here.
Wep Attack:
Wep Substat:
Enemy Modifiers
Affected by:
Enemy Lvl:
Enemy Res:
Party Buffs
All buffs in this section should only be checked if being applied by ANOTHER character to the current character you are using the calculator for.
Elemental Resonance
Protective Canopy is always selected by default. Max of 2 resonance buffs, since party size is max 4. If protective Canopy is active, no other resonance is possible.
Elemental Reaction
Party Member Abilities
Artifact Buffs
Weapon Buffs
Manual Input Buffs / Food Buffs
Manually Input Buffs
These buffs will not be saved to your build save file.
Reaction Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I save?
    • Make sure you're logged in and have adBlock disabled. Right click the portrait of the slot you want to save and click "Save As".
  • I need more slots!
  • Why is the calculator's damage different from my actual?
    • You probably forgot to check "Use Enemy Calc" (in Enemy Modifiers). The calculator only calculates raw damage by default, because damage changes depending on who you're hitting. If you want to know how much damage you deal to a specific enemy, you need to check "Use Enemy Calc" and then designate the enemy you are hitting with the appropriate settings (i.e. level).
  • I checked "Use Enemy Calc" but the damage is still wrong!
    • Make sure your artifacts/weapons are correct by comparing the displayed stats to the in-game stats. Check to make sure all the buffs are properly toggled on or off, depending on your situtation. Also make sure your talent levels are all correct and that the enemy's level and resistances are properly set. Small discrepancies are likely rounding error. If you are inbetween levels, e.g. level 71, the calculator's values might be off by a bit since it only has data for every 10 levels (e.g. 60, 70, 80). If there is still a discrepancy, please raise the issue in the discord with a detailed account of the problem (i.e. share your build).
  • X buff isn't being applied!
    • Make sure you've toggled the buff if it is applied conditionally. A large majority of buffs are applied conditionally, and will thus need to be toggled by clicking a checkbox.
  • Why is the optimizer recommending X?
    • The optimizer only does the math for you (theoretical optimum) and then outputs a list of results. The output is there so that the user can make sense of the results. Oftentimes, the "best" result isn't practical (e.g. thundersoother, lavawalker). Other times, when the top results are tied, a random one is selected as the "best". READ THE OUTPUT
  • What is DPS/Total DPS?
    • The DPS stat is the normal attack DPS, which is based on the full normal attack combo time, without animation cancelling. The Total DPS is normal attack DPS + any DPS from the bonus hits of weapon abilities.
  • What about Charge Attack 1/2?
    • Charge Attack 1 is the non-fully charged aimed shot for Bow users, or the spin attack for claymore users. Charge Attack 2 is is the fully charged aimed shot for Bow users, the final hit of a spin attack for claymore users, or just the charged attack you'd expect for other weapon users. Note that for Ninguang, her damage per jade with her charge attack is Charge Attack 1, while her normal charged attack is Charge Attack 2.
  • Uhh..??? Fgsfds?
  • Skill